Inflatable Motor Boat – SPEED

SPEED, an inflatable motor boat, Sleek shape and high freeboard, adjustable seat-boards, and a comprehensive choice of accessories render the SPEED unsurpassed as a universal travel-pack Canadian canoe that can be motorised. From

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General info – SPEED

Sleek shape and high free board, adjustable seat-boards, and a comprehensive choice of accessories render the SPEED unsurpassed as a universal travel-pack Canadian canoe that can be motorised.

The SPEED can be operated with environmentally friendly electric motor* and with out boarder up to 6 HP*.

Boat battery* and portable fuel tank* can be accommodated near the transom, or below the seat board.

The SPEED makes an ideal rowing boat

In addition to single- or double-blade paddle application, the SPEED makes an ideal rowing boat.

Rowlocks* simply bolt to the eyelet strip. The distance to the seat-boards is variable.

Seat board-pad with bag* – provide soft padding of the seat boards.

The seat boards can be inclined and adapted to suit seated or kneeling applications. Ideal for canoeing tours on lakes, rivers or moderate white-waters.

Seat board-pad with bag provide soft padding of the seat boards as well as space-saving and secure accommodation for small objects under the seat boards.

For utmost comfort on longer trips and to avoid back-ache, comfort – seats* may be mounted on top of the seat boards.  Alternatively, those seats may be floor mounted.


The marked products are optional and not part of standard accessory.


Overall lenght/width 455 x 100 cm 14′ 11″ x  39″
Inside lenght/width 355 x 65 cm 11′ x 8″ x 26″
Boat side 46 x 18 cm 12″ x 7″
Weight 29,5 kg 65 lbs
Minimal packing size 80 x 45 x 25 cm 31″ x 18″ x 10″
Persons 3 adults 3 adults
Working load acc. DIN 380 kg 838 lbs
Air chambers 3 3
Assembly time (min) 10 10
Operating pressure 0,3 bar 4,3 psi
Storage space bow 40 Liter 2440 cu.ins.
Motor output 4,4 kW-6 hp 4,4 kW-6 hp
Max. motor weight 30 kg 66 lbs
White-water category 3 3
Material (natural rubber) 1100 dtex 1100 dtex
ISO-Standard/category 6185 Cat II/D 6185 Cat II/D
Colour black-red black-red

Standard equipment – SPEED

safety valves 3
bow reinforcement strake 1
40 mm stainless D-rings for carry and luggage belt 2
carry and luggage belt 1
carry handle 2
bow canopy top 1
transom w. motor protection cover 1
drain-valve with rubber plug 1
eyelets for carrying line and oar mount 46
seat board fitting with 5 eyelets 6
seat board bow 1
seat board rear or central 1
carrying and safety lines 2
specification label 1
repair kit 1
valve key 1
air-valve adapter bayonet 1
owners manual with declaration of conformity 1


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